Friday, September 2, 2011

Couponing for Dummies?

I have been wanting to start clipping coupons, but have no idea where to begin. I know TONS of bloggers talk about couponing and all the money they save, so I am reaching out for some tips and suggestions. Since I am currently working full time I don't have the time to sit and research the "how to's" of couponing. A lady on t.v. bought like 152 bottles of mustard..WHAT! I think it would be impossible to use that in one lifetime!  I don't want to be an extreme couponer but saving money on things we use would be great.
I have some questions, they may seem pretty basic but I could use all the advice I can get...

Where do people get all these great coupons?

Do you plan your menu around what coupons you have?

Can you sign up with certain brands and recieve coupons in the mail?

Do all stores accept coupons?

How does the double and triple coupon days work?

Can you use duplicate coupons?

I just need to know the basics! Any advice on how to get started would be appreciated!


  1. Hi!
    People get coupons from, of course, the paper, but, they also get them from website databases, clipping services, and the stores. I have a ton of tips on my site.

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    Have a great weekend!

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  3. I have a friend who a coupon guru... she has a coupon blog and i think will be answering a lot of these questions.

    she is over at:

    she has other blogs too, but that is her coupon one :-)

    Coupon 101 is a great starting place

  4. I do a lot of couponing actually.. just this past week I have saved over $100 USD using coupons ( which is a good thing here in Japan where our yen rate is fallllling LOL)

    The main thing to keep in mind is to keep an eye on sales at your local stores, and pair coupons with sales for even better savings.

    Also, a trap that many new to using coupons fall into is buying something just because you have a coupon on it. Take a good stock of what your family uses on a regular basis and stock up on coupons on those items then when they are on sale grab as many as you can at rock bottom prices :) Doing this method I rarely only have to go to the grocery regularly for anything beyond produce :)

    Be sure to check the coupon policies of the stores you shop at.. not all stores have the same policy...and it's better to know ahead of time than to get an unpleasant surprise at the checkout lol.

  5. I found you through Mehreen's Friends Meetup Party. These are great questions, and I think you would benefit from a coupon class. The ones at Frugal Living NW ( have been recommended to me, but you might find one that focuses on your local area. (Coupon policies differ from region to region. For example, no stores in the Pacific NW have double or triple coupon days.)


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